Inspirited by nature. Giving back to nature.

Our mission is to show the world that beautiful, eye-catching wooden design elements can be created without harming nature.


We are a group of friends who have met at different times and places, bound together by a similar outlook on life. Each of us has a unique story that has led us to our common project - Stallart.

We have settled in an almost 2-century-old horse stable - The Stall. Collectively we are renovating, transforming, and turning it into a space where we create art in various forms, drawing inspiration from nature and the materials found within. Using naturally weathered and reclaimed wood that would otherwise go to waste.

River-washed or naturally occurring materials serve as an inspiration and by recognising its potential we have the opportunity to give the wood a second lease on life, creating a timeless practical use that adds a pleasant touch to interior design.

The Stallart team enthusiastically collaborates on interior and art related projects. If you have an idea or vision without a solution, we might be the ones to help.

Feel free to reach out to us
200 year old horse stable / workshop
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